Mantis Partners

If you want one year of prosperity, grow grain,
If you want ten years of prosperity, grow trees,
If you want one hundred years of prosperity,
grow people.

Chinese Proverb

Our management team

  • Nick Kerrison

    Image of Nick Kerrison

    Nick has over 15 years executive search experience covering the equity derivative, cash equity and delta1/PT markets. He founded Mantis in 2000 having worked for another search company for four years. Prior to search Nick was a bond trader for several years post University. He graduated with an upper second in Finance.

  • Alex Shipp

    Image of Alex Shipp

    Alex joined Mantis Partners in June 2007 and covers the equity derivatives, fund derivatives and cross asset structured products sales market in Europe and US. Prior to Mantis, Alex spent several years in management consultancy specialising in financial markets. He also spent three years at another search company covering cross asset products. He graduated from Bristol University with a degree in Economics.