Mantis Partners

Our clients value our solution led approach that is harnessed through a forensic understanding of the markets we operate in.

Product Coverage Areas

  • Equities

    We cover the full spectrum of the equities business across all functions of the primary and secondary markets. Working with a broad range of clients including major investment banks, boutiques and brokers, we provide dedicated and detailed coverage in the following areas:

    • Cash Equities Sales, Sales-Trading and Trading
    • Equity Research
    • Alternative Execution Products
    • ECM and Corporate Broking
    • Equity Linked and Strategic Financing solutions
  • Equity Derivatives

    Our team of dedicated equity derivative consultants provide comprehensive research and market intelligence across global markets. We work with a number of key investment banks and hedge funds and cover the following disciplines:

    • Equity Derivative Flow and Exotics
    • Fund Derivatives
    • Convertibles
    • Portfolio Trading
    • Delta1
    • Alpha risk strategies
  • Prime Services

    Our prime services team works with a number of prime brokers and 3rd party suppliers including custodians, data vendors and consultancies. We offer a full consultation service across all associated business lines and are recognised for our ability to find lateral ideas in a highly competitive marketplace. Our expertise covers:

    • Prime Broker Marketing
    • Capital Introduction
    • Client Services
    • Product Development
    • Equity Finance Trading
    • Futures and Options
  • Quantitative Analytics

    We have a market leading quant division covering all the key global financial centres. Product coverage includes the modelling of vanilla swaps and options to the most complex hybrid structures. We offer our service across equities, rates, credit, foreign exchange, commodities and algorithmic trading. Key disciplines include:

    • Research and Development
    • Structured Product Development
    • Pricing Models
    • Model Validation
    • Financial Engineering
    • Quantitative Strategy
    • Performance and Risk Measurement Analytics
  • Fixed Income

    Our fixed income practice has earned a strong reputation of providing intuitive and insightful market analysis across both cash and derivative products. We identify and track key individuals throughout their career from associate level through to MD and above. Areas of expertise include sales, trading and research across:

    • Interest Rate Cash and Derivatives
    • Credit Flow Cash and Structured Products
    • Strategy
    • Bond Portfolio Research
    • Legal
    • Portfolio Managers
  • Risk Management

    The risk management team has extensive experience covering market risk, credit risk, operational risk & model validation. With ever increasing regulatory pressures, the demand to source exceptional talent in risk management has never been greater. We offer a full consultation service driven by our knowledge across both buy and sell side markets. Coverage areas include:

    • Market Risk (Management, Analytics, Methodology & Reporting)
    • Credit Risk (FI/NBFI, Insurance, Corporates, Leveraged Finance, Structured Finance, Emerging Markets, PFE and Basel Quants)
    • Operational Risk
    • Model Validation
  • Alternatives

    Being one of the first search companies to offer a dedicated service to hedge funds we have considerable experience in consulting and advising a number of our clients, from start-ups through to some of the major global funds. Our experience covers the following:

    • Long / Short
    • Event driven
    • Quantitative Trading
    • Volatility Arbitrage
    • Convertibles
    • Global Macro
    • Analysts
    • Execution Trading
    • Investor Relations
    • Sales and Marketing